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The best design outcomes are the result of true collaboration. At Sheedy DeLaRosa Interiors, the spirit of collaboration has guided all that we do since our very beginning—from the way our team works together, to our relationships with clients across the hospitality industry. It’s how we bring the guest experiences our clients envision into fully realized, on-brand spaces that delight and inspire.  

Guided by the combined, award-winning expertise of principles Natalie Sheedy and Marcie DeLaRosa, Sheedy/Delarosa Interiors delivers big-firm results via a personal and flexible boutique approach. This means our clients get individualized attention at every phase of a project, that we give them a seat at the studio table, and that we bring their conceptual ideas to life in ways that are appropriate for each project and its region.

Sheedy/DeLaRosa’s capabilities include projects of every level, from custom boutique hotels, to mid-level, full-service hotels, and limited-service hotel design. No matter the scope of the project, the client experience remains the same—you benefit from the brain trust and attention of dedicated, senior-level staff members and you’re kept in the loop on every twist and turn along the way, from kickoff to completion. We find this way of working serves our clients well, and it’s why you’ll find that most of them return to us again and again.

Our spaces are inspired, creative and unique to the project.  We help our clients deliver their own, one-of-a-kind experience to their guests for the long term, so that they, in turn, can reap the benefits of their investment in design.

Sheedy/DeLaRosa won the Gold Key Award for Best Hotel- Limited Service in 2018, HD Award Finalists for Best Limited Service Public Areas 2019 and were Gold Key Finalists in 2013 for Best Sustainable Hotel.





As an interior designer, Natalie Sheedy has seen the power of design to profoundly impact our daily lives firsthand. A well designed space can enhance the ways we think and feel. This insight drives Natalie’s passion for great design and it’s her goal for every project she takes on.

Whether designing large or small scale hospitality interiors, the essence of Natalie’s design process remains the same. She engages clients and contractors in hands-on collaboration, seeking insights, expertise and perspective at every phase from kickoff to conclusion. This ensures that decisions are strategic and deliberate and that every aspect of the finished design aligns with realistic business goals. It’s a process that’s proven to please her clients time and again, creating one-of-a-kind spaces with sophisticated palettes, refined style and design functionality that can stand the test of time.

Before owning her own studio, Natalie spent 10 very rewarding years managing and designing multi-million-dollar hospitality projects as a Studio Director at The Gettys Group. Prior to her professional experience, she earned her B.A. with a minor in business at Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago, where she had participated in a prestigious exchange program with the Academie van Kunst in Rotterdam, Holland. The sum of these experiences has given Natalie best-in-class training on how to make sure her clients experience the best possible return on their investment in design.

When she’s not in the thick of a project you can find Natalie giving back to the design community as a member of NEWH, for which she sits on both the International Board and the Chicago Chapter board. Natalie was recognized as one the hospitality industry’s up-and-coming interior design leaders in Boutique Design’s “Boutique 18 for 2018” and is a winner of the prestigious Gold Key Award for Best Hotel Limited Service 2018.




Known for her highly collaborative approach to design, Marcie DeLaRosa works closely with her clients to maintain a strong design direction from the beginning of a project through its completion.  It’s a method that has proven successful, providing inspiration and focus to teams that include architects, project managers and contractors, all working together to carefully develop and implement designs that delight both clients and their guests

Highly accomplished in design for restaurants and hotels, Marcie has worked with a diverse range of clients—from owners of small, intimate boutique hotels to large resort properties to some of the most recognizable brands in the hospitality industry. With each client, she establishes a design direction that guides every aspect of the project with purpose and transparency. This ensures clarity in the selection of furniture, textiles and finish materials—all of which are chosen to work in concert with one another to create aesthetically pleasing spaces that enhance their surroundings and the guest experience.

Marcie’s deep experience in interior design includes nearly two decades as an independent studio owner and more than 10 years as a senior designer at various architecture and design firms. She’s developed a keen understanding of the processes and methodologies that serve clients best—managing all aspects of projects including design consultation, preparation of design documents, purchasing, as well as custom furniture and lighting design.

A winner of Boutique Design magazine’s prestigious Gold Key award, Marcie attended Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago and earned her B.A. in the history of art and architecture from University of Illinois at Chicago.



Jen Hankee

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With a passion for design’s power to engage the senses, Jen Hankee delights in the details. From her careful attention to project mandatories to her intuition for adding unexpected twists in just the right places, Jen has developed a reputation as a collaborative partner who clients can count on for inspiration and follow-through.

Ask Jen what her number one design skill is and she’ll tell you it is listening. Truly understanding a client’s aesthetic preferences and intentions for a space allows her quickly organize, implement and make decisions throughout the course of a project, especially during challenging moments. It also gives her great instinct for honing in on opportunities to bend the rules and try new things, resulting in exciting and unique interior design solutions that manage to delight clients while simultaneously delivering on their most important expectations.

In her over 15 years of experience in interior design, Jen has worked with boutique studios and leading firms, including Gettys, JamesThomas, 555, Looney & Associates and Whitespace. She received her BFA in interior design from the Illinois Institute of Art and she holds a BA in communications from Purdue University.



“Sheedy/Delarosa has a sophisticated, intelligent and highly creative design sense, coming up with solutions and suggestions that took our vision and made it exceptional.”